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There are some slight changes to the boy scout hierarchy. The new hierarchy is as follows:

Cub Scout
Boy Scout
Eagle Scout
Blood Pact Scout
Weird Scout
Dreadnaught Scout
Dark Scout
Fear Scout
Eternal Scout


Jaycon 2014

Cecil —everyoneintownwearingasalmonsuit
Earl — thebugeater

"Oh, look at the happy couple…"


Cecil Harem + Earl
Cecil (center): everyoneintownwearingasalmonsuit Cecil (left): chubbyaziraphale Cecil (right): sassmassacre Earl: thebugeater


Cecil Harem + Earl

Cecil (center): everyoneintownwearingasalmonsuit
Cecil (left): chubbyaziraphale
Cecil (right): sassmassacre
Earl: thebugeater



Teasing the Scoutmaster.

everyoneintownwearingasalmonsuit - Cecil Palmer
thebugeater - Earl Harlan

I thought I was being a funny sneaky sneaks.


Join us now as Cecil Palmer learns that being a pimp is not all it’s cut out to be


First up is Cecearl because OTP takes precedence over all else~

thebugeater/Nab as Earl

Tom as Cecil


Cecilselfies ft. Earl.


Cecilselfies ft. Earl.


((So…I realize I like…completely dropped the ball this con haha

charlieextremes and I realized we literally had no time to do Cecilin Friday because we had to get some last minute stuff together for the con and ended up staying up til midnight on that oops

And Earl Harlan didn’t work out because the registration line for the con + busy schedules left no free time unfortunately.

But pictures were taken so, at least I have that?

I’m so sorry asdf I do not mean to make false promises. I am hoping my followers do not actually care so that I can go by accidentally lying completely unnoticed pfft 

Photos will be posted tomorrow! We also are hosting an Ask Night Vale panel at Jaycon featuring charlieextremes as Dana, Tom as Marcus, ask-mooseandfriends as Steve, askxthevoice as Cecil, and a couple others joining in! Photos/video from that will come as well!

Thank you all for dealing with my nonsense - I hope you’re all having as great of a weekend as I am!))

Anna: Earl: I know how much you like skinny jeans. So I made you some skinny fur pants.
Tom: Cecil: Oh! Thanks! Are they made out of bears too?
Anna: Earl: I bet your as-
Tom: Cecil: My what?
Anna: Earl: -cot. Would look great with them.
Tom: Cecil: Hmm it probably would~
Anna: Earl: These ones are made out of
Anna: Earl: ((oh god))
Anna: Earl: Truffula trees
Tom: Cecil: Really? Oh, wow, I bet they're softer than silk and they probably smell like butterfly milk too
ooc post

((Okay guys I’m forcing myself to get off because I unfortunately have school tomorrow and I want to get to bed at a somewhat reasonable time today!

Thank you so much for being so lovely and interacting and such, I had a lot of fun! I’ll be saving anything I need to reply to in a draft~

This coming weekend you can find me online at kevinrunsfree and askthebusinesspartners with ask-mooseandfriends and charlieextremes, and then the following weekend I’ll be attending Jaycon with askxthevoice, charlieextremes, and Tom (Diego) where we’ll be hosting an Ask Night Vale panel! Lots of excitement to be had!

Oh, and for that Saturday of Jaycon I’ll be cosplaying Earl with a Cecil duo~ So hopefully we’ll be able to answer some asks during that time!

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the day/night <3))

cecil palmer
askxthevoice sent: Did you... Do something to your hair?




Do you not like it? I can change it.

Uhm, no, I was just going to say I like it.


I like it alot, actually! Looks nice! Messy, but… Wouldn’t be you if it wasn’t!

Oh. A lot? Neat.

Thanks, Cecil. Your opinion means a lot to me.